One Tool, Many Uses

Made from plastic shopping bags and diverted landfill-bound material, Ekomats are dynamic, multipurpose tools that offer flexibility, slip-resistance, durability and versatility in a wide range of applications. By preventing damage and increasing accessibility, they will save you time and money, and provide a safer working environment.

FACT:   Plastic bags are used for an average of 12 minutes, and will last up to several hundred years in a landfill.

Ekomats have a multiyear lifespan, and can be recycled and reprocessed multiple times without losing the compositional integrity of its material.


Recycled and Superior Material

Ekomats are engineered from a revolutionary technology and low-emissions manufacturing process that converts single-use and “dirty” plastics into Ekopolimer—a recycled and superior material.

Ekomats are water-impervious and flexible, and hold up in all-season weather and temperatures (-40F-158F)— outliving and outperforming metal, concrete, wood and other plastics. They also:

  • Are salt & chemical resistant

  • Have a high weight-bearing capacity

  • Have high-compressive strength and are impact-resistant

FACT: Ekopolimer is made from 75% post-consumer content that has been diverted from the landfill and our oceans



Most plastics are made of mainly nonrenewable resources, petroleum or natural gas. In recent decades, billions of tons of plastics made from virgin materials have been mass-produced for one-time uses and then thrown away, with an estimated 91% of those plastics never being repurposed or recycled, again.

There are few reuse or recycling options for low-density polyethylene (LDPE), especially LDPE that has not been properly cleaned, or has traces of inert waste, glue, chemicals, organic matter, metal or glass fragments, foam, or other plastics.  Ekopolimer technology creates value for “dirty” LDPE and other post-consumer content that would otherwise end up in our landfills and oceans.



Providing Solutions


The New Boston transfer station in Southern New Hampshire receives approximately 250 tons of demolition materials per year. The approach to their receiving dock is constructed of asphalt. Three days a week, three times a day they use heavy equipment to process the materials they receive. Continual impact from the backhoe stabilizers have created unwanted depressions in the pavement around the receiving area. Ekomats provided an easy solution, and reduced the impact of erosion and degradation at this highly utilized site.

Many, possible solutions that make your work easier, safer and cost-effective.

Ekomats are at the intersection of industry, innovation and environmental impact, providing a number of solutions for common commercial and residential challenges, as well an important solution to one of our biggest challenges—what we do with single-use plastics, made of non-renewable resources.

How will Ekomats meet your industry needs and make an impact on the work you do?




Ground Access & Landscape Protection

  • Enable vehicles and pedestrians to traverse soft, uneven and inconsistent terrain

  • Reduce the impact of vehicles, equipment or foot traffic over lawns and other sensitive areas

  • Increase accessibility to remote sites

Walkways, Trails and Beach Access

  • Provide a slip-resistant and stable surface, and greater accessibility

  • Protect sensitive conservation areas

  • Implement as a barrier for invasive species

Concerts/Festivals/Outdoor Events/Weddings

  • Increase accessibility to event

  • Utilize as a temporary, impact-resistant flooring option

  • Stabilize heavy and expensive equipment or staging

City Planning

  • Protect pavement and concrete from vehicle, equipment and garbage receptacle movement

  • Create low-impact, temporary installments

Work & Home

  • Use as a temporary platform for jobsite and home projects

  • Use to secure and steady vehicles and heavy equipment

  • Increase safety on the jobsite

  • Use as floor or wall covering during construction, or when moving heavy objects or equipment

Off-Ground Storage

  • Keep firewood and equipment off the ground


The Cost-Benefit of an
Eco-Friendly Alternative


Made from post-consumer content diverted from landfills and oceans, Ekomats are an earth-friendly alternative to using plywood for ground access applications. Where the average lifespan of a piece of plywood is a few uses before disposal, Ekomats have a multiyear lifespan, hold up against rigorous use, and can be recycled and reprocessed multiple times without losing the compositional integrity of its material.

Not only will Ekomats outlast plywood, they will save you money over the long term.


Adding Value with an Eko-Focus

FACT: We have a problem with plastics.

90% of the trash floating in our oceans is made of plastics—that is 46,000 pieces per square mile.

Ekomats are changing the narrative of single-use plastics, by dramatically extending the life of LDPE (six-pack rings, food wrap, dry cleaner bags, agricultural film and shopping bags). What was previously unrecyclable content, is now transformed into high-performing and functional tools.