Sales and Distribution

We commenced sales in the second half of 2018 with the immediate goal to focus on reaching a diverse mix of customers and markets to demonstrate the product and material attributes. In addition to the retail and b2b dealers identified below, we’ve recruited over a dozen manufacturers sales representatives covering 20+ states and are moving forward towards certification for federal procurement.



Prospective Corporate Partners

Sustainability objectives, the expectations of employees and growing awareness around the problems of single use plastics are among the reasons why plastics producers, processors and consumer brands are investing heavily in new outcomes. The companies listed here are having conversations with us around several objectives, including our goal of multi-phase, multi-dimensional collaboration.

Expansion Planning

Institutions and Organizations

The Town of Middlebury, the College, and the State of Vermont offered early and consistent encouragement around our long term plans. UMass Lowell’s Plastics Engineering program is unsurpassed and will anchor a cross-disciplinary approach towards whole system innovation. The major trade associations have offered expertise, introductions and interest in creating new industry standards around sustainability measurement and accountability.

News and Media

Honors and Recognition

The Klosters Forum - Caleb was among 75 global experts convened around ocean plastics.

NextCycle Colorado - Our company was selected for partnership with the State of Colorado around developing new end markets for tough to recycle plastic materials.

FlexPack Recovery Challenge - Finalist for international industry competition for repurposing flexible and multi-layer packaging.

Material Recovery For the Future - Prospective industry partner for new use outcomes of mixed film plastics.

SolarImpulse 1000 Efficient Solutions - Recruited to join international aviator Bertrand Piccard’s global list of environmental innovations.


Feedstock Sourcing

The Northeast Resource Recovery Association served as our early guide and mentor into the world of municipal recycling, providing advice and guidance and alerting us to systemic challenges and needs.  

We have preliminary agreement to source approximately half of our feedstock needs via rail from Brooklyn, NY, and discussing another quarter from an industry sponsored facility in PA and the remainder from corporate partners.