Our mechanical recycling manufacturing process converts single-use film and flexible packaging into Ekopolimer, which is hydraulically-pressed into molds to create recyclable products and applications.

After successfully producing thousands of long lasting shipping pallets in Ankara, Turkey (including Coca Cola’s distributor in Turkey), and capacity to make them from reclaimed ocean plastic, we see strategic competitive position as the global shipping pallet market is expected to be worth $88.69 billion by 2026.

A few years ago we shifted production from pallets to higher margin products, and opened a larger facility in the Netherlands. While we plan to return to pallet production, Ekomats and related products offer the opportunity to demonstrate broader applications and capabilities of Ekopolimer.

Beginning in 2015 we imported Ekomats samples and began diverse market testing. The Ekomat is a form of “ground access mat”. They enable vehicles, equipment and people to more easily move across soft or uneven terrain, and protect the underlying landscape from that movement. 

According to an industry analyst report, the global ground access mat market is expected to be $1.7 billion by 2021 with an increased emphasis on using eco-friendly materials. Another report concludes the global rig and oilfield market will be valued at $2.1 billion by 2038.

Top 3 Trends Impacting the Global Ground Protection Mats Market Through 2021

Future Market Insights - An Incisive, In-depth Analysis on the Rig And Oilfield Mats Market

Our near-term business is import and sales of Ekomats and adapted products produced in the Netherlands, as we move towards establishing production in the U.S. and Canada.

Since beginning sales of Ekomats in 2018 our goals have included:

  • Demonstrate diverse customers and uses

  • Develop initial distribution and sales channels

  • Create opportunity for federal procurement

Thanks to the help of early adopters in a variety of field use applications, Ekomats have a highly competitive position (cost and performance) in the marketplace.  

We have also adapted Ekomats to create new tools and solutions with the assistance of several advisor subject matter experts (trail design and accessibility, lakes and ponds ecology, leasing and federal procurement, among others).


In less than a year we have succeeded in demonstrating diverse customers and uses. Here’s a representative list (see below for customer testimonials and a couple of videos):

Distribution and Sales

We have a mix of retail and business to business distributors in the Northeast, a network of manufacturers representatives covering a dozen states and an invitation to explore joining a national distribution system over the next year that could result in over 100 retail locations nationwide. Use of Ekomats by Fortis Alberta and recent interest from Eversource strengthens our entry into the utility market.

Federal Procurement

Whether for ground or water access, landing pads, plywood substitute, and other uses, the Military and federal agencies have shown an increasing appetite for composite mats comparable to Ekomats. 

As of mid-August 2019, EcoGlobal is a HUBZone certified business, offering our company preferential treatment for federal sales and procurement.  EcoGlobal is one of only 7,000 U.S. businesses that have attained the HUBZone certification. The U.S. government has set a goal that 3% of all Federal contract dollars must be awarded to HUBZone certified companies - a $16 billion opportunity.  

Federal procurement of Ekomats also strengthens our viability for SBIR, a major source of small business funding for product development and R&D with innovative technologies like ours.

Production Expansion

Against the backdrop of the import and sales business, our U.S. and Canadian team have begun active feasibility exploration of North American production in several geographic regions:

  • Arizona

  • Pennsylvania

  • California

  • Vermont

  • Alberta

  • Colorado

  • Florida

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The Klosters Forum - Caleb was among 75 global experts convened around ocean plastics.

NextCycle Colorado - Our company was selected for partnership with the State of Colorado around developing new end markets for tough to recycle plastic materials.

FlexPack Recovery Challenge - Finalist for international industry competition for repurposing flexible and multi-layer packaging.

Material Recovery For the Future - Prospective industry partner for new use outcomes of mixed film plastics.

SolarImpulse 1000 Efficient Solutions - Recruited to join international aviator Bertrand Piccard’s global list of environmental innovations.

Sustainopia - Caleb asked to speak as an expert at an event historically centered on the global ecosystem of social, financial and environmental sustainability & impact, held in Washington D.C. and San Fransisco.