About Ekopolimer

Ekopolimer was conceived in 2000 by Turmaks, an innovation and technology company specializing in mobile hospitals, integrated healthcare solutions and nanotechnology. With a longstanding partnership with the ALKE family of companies, and early support from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, Turmaks was able to further their research and development of Ekopolimer.

In 2011, commercial grade production of Ekopolimer began in Ankara, Turkey with manhole covers, storm drains and transportation pallets being sold into Mediterranean and Central Asian markets. Demonstrations in these new markets proved successful. The manhole covers performed well under harsh winter conditions in Kazakhstan, and the thousands of transportation pallets produced for CCI (the 6th largest Coca-Cola bottling facility, headquartered in Turkey) continue to demonstrate exceptional durability.

Due to an increasing demand for ground access mats in Europe, a second production facility was launched in Sittard, Netherlands in 2017, offering EcoGlobal the opportunity to introduce Ekopolimer’s superior qualities to U.S. and Canadian markets.

Ekomats currently provide a number of solutions for common commercial and residential challenges, while offering an important solution to one of our biggest challenges—What do we do with single-use plastics made of non-renewable resources?


Plastics are made of mainly non-renewable resources, petroleum or natural gas. In recent decades, billons of tons of plastics have been mass-produced for one-time uses and then thrown away, with an estimated 91% of those plastics never being repurposed or recycled again.

This revolutionary manufacturing process creates value for landfill and ocean-bound plastics by diverting and converting this content into Ekopolimer, which can be used in a variety of applications and products like Ekomats.